Monday, June 25, 2012

More, Please

I have been looking forward to the day(s) when I was free of school work and able to enjoy ... EVERYTHING.  Now that those day(S)! have arrived, I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. 

Earlier this year I decided (because of Facebook) to volunteer myself in making 12ish projects for people in 2012.  My number is actually a little longer than 12, but the more the merrier I say.  I took care of one project a while ago, and then a second project a little while ago minus a few weeks.  This weekend I took on a third, and soon that'll be in the mail! (very excited and I hope they like it!)

Needless to say, the only things that are preventing my creating and living life fun would be work and sleeping.  I'm managing to get a lot squeezed in regardless.

Along came Pinterest.  It's the rave right now, especially among bloggers and Facebookers, teachers, mothers, fathers(?), friends... anyone with a computer really.  This week I decided to make a meal based on recipes all on Pinterest.  I used to be way more proactive about finding new recipes in my cookbooks (my mom, for those of you who don't know, is a cooker, so one thing I am NOT without is a cookbook- or 15.)  For a while, that wasn't happening.  Now, I'm back in full force. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture yesterday! I shocked myself, because I tend to take pictures of everything, even if it's just for me.  Regardless,  yesterday I made Easy, Garlic Chicken, Strawberry Cream Pie (much thanks to Just Puzting Around the Kitchen) and "Zesty" Italian Potatoes!

I have to confess however, I am not a fan of graham cracker crust, so I decided to try my hand at making my own without a recipe.  I'm not really a measure-er with anything except for baking.  Since I was on such a roll yesterday dashing this and sprinkling more of that, I just thought how hard could crust be??? Yeahhhh.  It was more like Strawberries and Cream! But, hey! turned out great just as is, and discovered the cream would be excellent (and was) just as a dip for fruit, or cookies! 

On to somethin' new!
Love to all!

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