Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ode to A New Year

This year, I set off, hoping to make a few things true, right off the bat.

  • To begin with, I was determined to not allow my kitchen to go wild with dishes and chaos and disorganization any longer.
  • I was also determined to clean out my storage unit and to make sure it was very clean and organized.
  • I did also want to ring in the New Year in Chicago, on Navy Pier. I wanted to see midnight happen, with the crowds, and the fireworks.

Come January first I had done just that. I, with the help of me mum, organized my kitchen, with the help of some friends, reorganized my storage (actually more like a little storage locker thing in a room), and I did ring in the New Year in Chicago, on Navy Pier. I did see midnight happen, in the middle of a crowd, with a few friends, watched the fire works, and ran to the bus to get across town to the last train.

I was also pretty certain that I wanted to make it a goal to write at least one blog posting a week. I met my silent goal last week, but this week was hectic, although I did remember earlier today on Saturday. By the time I sat down I realized that it was actually 12:02 am, so technically Sunday.... I'm still counting it anyways!

Who else feels as though they are starting their New Year off right???

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