Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Bird’s Eye... Strike that... A Camel’s Eye View

Fall is the perfect time of year.

I will give you spring, and summer and winter are all beautiful for a short season, but fall. Fall is perfect.

I love the leaves changing colors. The crisp, cool air. I love breaking out the sweaters for the first time, and the smell of a good fall fire in the air.

This year, my friends and I decided to take a trip to an Apple Orchard. Imagine my delight when I learned that they were offering camel rides, and anyone, I REPEAT ANYONE, was allowed to ride, for a mere five dollars. I turned to Karen, and probably squealed with delight, "KAREN, It's a camel ride! I've always wanted to ride a camel!" With a shrug and a head nod, Karen decided she was game, and more than willing to ride the camel with me.

I questioned the booth people carefully. "Anyone can ride?"
"Grown up people?"
"Two tickets, please."

Strangely, Karen's boyfriend wasn't as excited about the prospect of the two of us riding the camel, but we didn't let that stop us. We stood in line in between a toddler and an eight year old, (proudly I might add) as Todd stood far, far away.

There may have been a few quiet whispers between Karen and myself.

"Karen, there are no other "big" people in line for the camel ride. They all have kids."
"Don't worry Stephanie. No one here will ever see us again."
I nodded. She was right, and that was enough for me! (And, honestly, I wasn't gonna let anything stand in the way between me and the camel.)

It was over far too quickly. We took two laps around the big (well somewhat small-ish) ring. The camel owners were kind enough to stop the camel long enough for Todd to take a picture of Karen and I atop the camel (pictures to be disclosed at some point later in the future). All too soon my ride was over.

Next up, I need to find someone with an elephant.....

*A view from the top

Anyone know how to "strike-through" in the title?


Joel said...

Ooh, a camel. I'm proud. And fall, all the way. Something about how rare and fleeting it is, makes it my favorite. That...and I'm a sucker for melancholy moments.

Stephanie Hunter said...

Thank you. And I'm a sucker too. I think that makes us A-OK. =)