Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One Week In...51 to Go!

I'm one week into my new decade, and I'd like to report that so far, so good. I woke up last Tuesday feeling, well, much like did on Monday morning, except it was Tuesday, and I had a new number added to my age.

What did my first week involve?

1. Dinner with friends.
2. Dinner with friends and flowers.
3. Dinner.
4. More flowers!
5. And... A hockey game! I was so excited because I had NEVER been to a hockey game before. I had NO idea that is what was going on. I arrived at my friends house for what I thought would be a usual night, but instead more friends arrived and then we picked up more friends and made our way to Milwaukee! I am a complete fan now! Really, how hard is it to follow? You have a stick and you hit a puck from one side to the other. I would love to play, except I have no aim and I probably could not stand on skates.

I cannot see into tomorrow. I cannot even see past 10 tonight, but I have a great feeling this is gonna be a good year! Everyone is welcome to join me in my new adventures!

Me in my cube. Terrible picture but pretty flowers from my friend Melissa- Love ya Lis!

Flowers from the mom and dad! (I love flowers!)

My first hockey fight!! The gloves were off!

This looks like an amazing ride! I wanna try glide across the ice on a sled!!

The Zamboni:

Las Vegas! Nothin' but class!


rit said...

Love you! I like this background.....MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

There's more than 52 weeks in a decade.........:} your voice of reason