Friday, November 07, 2008

Doowap doowap... (Spelling anyone?)

I have now been back for a week from Charlotte. This hasn't been the quietest week of my life, but it has been good to be home. The hardest adjustment is the time difference. Because of the time change, and then the time change, there's a two hour difference. I know, I know, two hours is not really that big of a deal, but it's messing with my mind.

A few miscellaneous things to note.
  • My little buddy Joey now says a lot of new words. "Mebow." That's elbow. "Mouf." Mouth. "No." Self explanatory. (That's his favorite word- everything is "no" when you are almost 2.)
  • I hallucinated driving to Iowa on Wednesday. I did not know it was possible, but as I was driving down the road, fixin' to get off on my appropriate exit, I put on my turning signal and exited... well, I thought I did. Another ten miles later I realized- I was on the SAME road! I never exited! Keep in mind, that in Iowa ALL THE ROADS LOOK THE SAME! I can say that without getting in trouble. I grew up in Indiana. The roads are the same there too...corn...cows....tractors...corn...more cows.... pigs.... You get the picture. On the same trip I was also cut off by a tractor! The thing just pulled out in front of me, like he owned the road! Of course, when you take up a lane and a half, and you have round spikey things sticking out from all sides- you can do what you want.
  • I turned on my heat today. Each year I will refuse to turn on my heat until the temp dips into the 30s. Today it dipped. The heat came on. As soon as the temp hits 40 in the spring it'll go off. I can't wait until then. I love when the temp is in the range that you don't need hot or cold.
I leave you with a random picture.

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bean said...

in choir it is written like this in songs: doo-wop