Thursday, August 02, 2007

German Fest and the Beach

On Sunday (July 29th to be exact) I went with some friends up to the German Fest in Milwaukee, WI. You may never have experienced something as entertaining as the German Fest so here are some pictures of the entertainment:

It really was a lot of fun. A lot of music, a lot of dancing, and a lot of eating. Not to mention all the people walking around in hats with feathers, and "lederhosen." (see picture below)

Please keep in mind I am very serious- these groups really get the crowd moving and dancing!

And finally-
We had the pleasure of seeing this woman (pictured above). She happens to be a world famous yoddler.

Did you know that potato pancakes with applesauce are amazing? Sounds weird, but it's true. There are other things that I ate, but I cannot remember what they are called.
Later on Sunday after having my fill of food at the German Fest I made my way to my favorite place- Kenosha Beach. I saw the most amazing sunset over the lake. It was incredible! That is the one place that when I go there, time stops, everything else fades away, and all seems at peace.

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